Lincoln County seeks federal assistance to repair storm damage -

Lincoln County seeks federal assistance to repair storm damage

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Lincoln County may receive federal assistance to repair infrastructure damaged by severe thunderstorms, if Gov. Jay Nixon's request for a federal disaster declaration is approved for the area.

In May and June, strong storms produced strong-line winds, tornadoes, and flooding throughout the state. County officials assessing the damage have already estimated hundreds of thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Additionally, officials are uncertain how long several roads and bridges in the county will remain closed.

"This is a big county, and we don't have any idea exactly what we have in store for us," said Janice Kisor with the Lincoln County Highway Department.

According to the highway department, some barricades blocking closed roads labeled "extremely unsafe" have been pushed aside by residents, making matters even worse.

"It's probably inconvenienced some who are used to it, but which would you rather have...loss of life or maybe drive a few extra miles," said Kisor.

The county is awaiting the federal government's decision on Gov. Nixon's request.

On June 18, Nixon declared a state of emergency in Missouri after flooding and heavy rains impacted the region.

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