Young girl with prosthetic legs denied ride down Raging Rivers s -

Young girl with prosthetic legs denied ride down Raging Rivers slide

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GRAFTON, Ill. ( - An Alton mother is outraged after her 9-year-old daughter was told she couldn’t go down a water slide at Raging Rivers in Grafton because of her prosthetic legs.

Amber and Kenna Gray said they had been riding slides all day at the Illinois water park. For the last ride of the day, the pair slowly climbed the stairs to the biggest slide at Raging Rivers. Once they reached the top, they said a lifeguard told her the prosthetic legs weren’t allowed on that slide.

“He didn’t want my legs to scratch up the slide,” Kenna told News 4.

Amber said the lifeguard told her that he thought the prosthetic legs might fall off, but she asked the lifeguard if they could work out a solution. “I’m like, ‘If we take her legs off, can she go down the slide?’ And he’s like, ‘Well how is she going to get them down there?’ And I said I will carry them down there. And he said, ‘Well, I’m not sure how she swims without her legs on.'"

The two walked back down the numerous flights of stairs as Kenna cried while Amber said she tried to assure her daughter that she had done nothing wrong.

“It made me sad,” Kenna added, “because walking down the hill is harder than walking up the hill for me. All I wanted to do was have fun and go down the slide.”

Management offered her a tube to ride down the slide while explaining the lifeguard would go through sensitivity training. Amber said the manager told her, “We’re going to handle this and here’s three sodas for you guys and your trouble. We hope to see you back.”

But the Grays said the damage had already been done as Kenna left the park in tears and said she had no interest to ever return to the water park.

“I just want her to feel as normal as possible, but when you’re pointed out in a crowd and told no you can’t be normal, a part of you cannot feel that,” Amber said.

Raging Rivers sent News 4 a statement that in part said:

For the safety of all of our guests, we are unable to allow anyone to use any of our slides without removing their shoes. In special instances like these where removing shoes is not an option, we provide tubes so that our guests may still use the slides.

Being differently-abled hasn’t deterred Kenna from joining a local swim team and dive team. Her mother says she was perfectly able to swim with or without her prosthetics at the park and remains disappointed by the way the park handled the problem.

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