New push to build relationship with public, police in Alton -

New push to build relationship with public, police in Alton

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ALTON, Ill. ( -

Alton officials have formed a new committee to build relationships between the police department and the public.

The 11-member board was formed in May and is probing conflicting reports from police and residents.

“We aren’t on either side, we’re just looking for truth. If we see something that is done wrong on the police part, they’re to be held accountable just like the citizens,” said Benjamin Golley, Chairman of the Community Relations Commission.

The commission is investigating an accident that occurred on Saturday in which a 2-year-old boy darted out into traffic and was hit by a driver. The boy only suffered minor injuries. Allegations swirled that the driver was on her cellphone and speeding.

Dash cam footage showed the driver was going the speed limit and no charges will be filed.

“There is an oversight to it and there is checks and balances and I have no problem with them overseeing the job I do and officers do so we can be transparent and on the same page,” said Alton Police Chief Jake Simmons.

The board will meet twice a month and present its findings to the city council.

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