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I Do... To Do: All About the Groom

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Okay, okay....I'll take a break from talking all about the bride and focus on the groom.  Contrary to popular belief, guys DO like to be a part of the wedding planning process.  My fiance Jared is one of those guys....thankfully.  I say thankfully because wow, wedding planning is a ginormous task full of ups and downs.  I can't imagine taking it on by myself.  Not to mention, this is such a special part of our lives, so I want us to share the experience together.  Jared was more than involved in one of the biggest decisions we made....having our reception at The Chase Park Plaza, and I can honestly say he's weighed in to some degree on just about everything.  (Thank you, Jared!)

When it comes to getting a broader view of what grooms should be involved in and to what extent, as always, I lean on my wedding planners from Simcha's Events, Simcha Lourie and Alix-Ann O'Brien.  

Here's what they had to say about the groom's involvement:

  • Each person is different, so involve the groom in as much or as little as they want to be.  The venue selection is a big decision you should make together.  Involve them in the menu tasting and cake tasting, because who doesn’t like to eat?  Get their input for the music and entertainment, since the atmosphere it creates should reflect both of you.
  • Communicate with each other about what is important to each of you.  You each have a role to play, even if the bride is doing most of the heavy lifting in the planning process.  Even if a groom doesn’t care about every detail, I encourage him to ask questions and stay engaged, so he’s aware of the decisions being made. 
  • Grooms should take ownership of the areas that require his direct attention such as picking out the wedding rings, asking friends and family to be groomsmen, coordinating tux rental for his gentlemen, registering and practicing your first dance.

How should you include your future mother-in-law?

  • Nothing wins over a groom more than when a bride goes out of her way to make his mom feel special and include her in the wedding plans.
  • Keep your mother-in-law up to speed on your plans and invite her to meetings in which you are comfortable getting another opinion. 
  • As you get to know your finance’s family, look for the right balance of involvement.  It will make planning the wedding more fun and a lot less stressful if both sides of the family are happy.

Survival tips for the groom through planning!

  • Think about what’s important to you about the big day.  Do you care about what songs are played?  Do you have a favorite style of food?  Show initiative and speak up, so that the wedding is a reflection of the two of you.
  • Take care of being the buffer and communicator between families.  Be sure to communicate with your groomsmen and family about their responsibilities.
  • Be supportive of the wedding planning process even when it feels like there are a lot of little decisions to make.  To your bride, they are very important and help all of the pieces of her vision come together.
  • Surprise your bride to be with flowers or a massage.  Let her know how much you appreciate her.  Brides should do the same and spontaneously surprise their groom.  To enjoy the planning process, you need to support each other and take time to be romantic!    

And Jared, thank you for being such a trooper!  You're the best!

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