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I Do... To Do: A Trip to Walter Knoll Florist

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I have a very keen sense of smell, so spending time at Walter Knoll Florist is heaven to me.  I mean come on, you're surrounded by beautiful flowers that smell so good.  Not to mention, I got to spend an afternoon with Chuck Knoll, who has the best sense of humor and is so talented when it comes to flowers. Fun times!

Chuck and I talked about what brides need to think about going into a floral design meeting.  First of all, Chuck says be prepared to answer questions, as in when is the wedding....where is the wedding.....etc. They will ask you a lot of questions about yourself because they want to get to know you so they can figure out what kind of flowers reflect who you are. They want to be sure to carry out the bride's vision, and they want to be sure the flowers are the perfect accent for your special day. 

Be sure to do your homework....bring pictures, bring ideas. Chuck says that is so crucial because it allows you to spend more time fine-tuning your flowers rather than starting from square one. That being said, Chuck has great ideas for wedding floral arrangements and can certainly guide you. Be prepared to spend some time there, especially at your first meeting because you dive right into things.  It's best for a bride to already have her dress and her bridesmaid dresses picked out.   

If I heard Chuck say it once, I heard him say it a million times....a bride should pick the flowers she likes.  Don't get caught up on what's traditional.  Be unique....do what fits you best.

Ohh, and be sure to get in touch with them at least six months ahead of your wedding if it's possible.

Happy flower arranging!

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