CWE residents not worried, entrepreneurs fear impact on business -

CWE residents not worried, entrepreneurs fear impact on business after police shooting

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After the early Tuesday morning shooting of a police officer in the Central West End, News 4 heard a mix of reactions from area residents and shoppers, but most said they were not worried about any fallout.

"I come down here two or three times a week, there is a police presence and I do not feel threatened," said Christy Hull, who shops in the Central West End.

In addition to shoppers, residents also feel the CWE is protected by a strong police presence.

"I love the Central West End, it has a great feel to it," said David Markmann, a CWE resident. "Police patrol and do a great job."

Despite the positive outlook of many, one entrepreneur told News 4 he is worried about impact the shooting of a police officer could have on his business.

"It does not worry me personally, but I worry about the impact on local businesses as an entrepreneur, I worry that it could reflect on the neighborhood and on the city," said Max Rava, a business owner.

Some business owners in the area did not want to talk to News 4 and others were angry about the coverage of the police officer shooting, saying it will harm the reputation of the business district.

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