Retired woman helping people with developmental disabilities fin -


Retired woman helping people with developmental disabilities find jobs

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By: Steve Harris / News 4

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( – A retired woman is making a difference by helping people with developmental disabilities find a job and a purpose.

Lori Gilmore is the manager of Renewed Treasures in St. Charles, a store where all of the employees are volunteers and the atmosphere is pretty laid back.

In the back room of the store is where you can find Sharon and Seth, two very focused quality control workers.

“They do all kinds of odd tasks that would take us a lot of time,” Gilmore said of her quality control workers.

Sharon and Seth are volunteers from an organization called Community Living, which finds jobs for people with developmental disabilities.

“It’s an answer to prayer,” Gilmore said.

Community Living was founded in 1969 by Marion Lonning, and Judy Mahon helped make it all happen.

“I fell in love with it, the people are special and you just wanna be a part of their lives,” Mahon said.

Even though she is retired, Judy still works part time at Community Living.

“When you see how proud somebody is with something they can do and enjoy doing, just providing these opportunities so their lives can become richer, your purpose is that,” said Mahon.

Seth and Sharon are doing much more than busy work, according to Gilmore.

“It does something for the store but it does something for us, it makes us happy to see them as an effective part of the community,” said Gilmore. 

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