Family says headstone for deceased teen was mistakenly replaced -

Family says headstone for deceased teen was mistakenly replaced by marker for someone else

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( – The family of a teen buried in a cemetery in Bel-Nor said the cemetery moved his headstone and replaced with a marker for another person.

Rodney Rankins was 16 when he was murdered in 2003. His body was discovered near a jogging path in Ladue. His family said his headstone at Lake Charles cemetery was moved 10 feet from its original spot and replaced by another grave marker meant for somebody else.

Rankin’s aunt said a family member went to the cemetery’s office to get answers and was told relatives would be contacted in two weeks.

“We go back into the office and told them two weeks is not acceptable, we need to talk with someone today. They don’t want to give anyone answers,” said Jennifer Bock.

Lake Charles’ owner declined to go on camera but said headstones are frequently moved when there’s a nearby burial to protect the headstone from damage. Rankins stone was believed to have been moved and put back in the wrong place.

The headstone was eventually put back in the right spot. However, the family is upset the marker was moved in the first place.

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