Jefferson County assesses flood damage to see if it qualifies fo -

Jefferson County assesses flood damage to see if it qualifies for state assistance

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The State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) plans to evaluate flood damage in Jefferson County Tuesday, as county officials work to complete an assessment detailing the extent and impact of the damage.

More than 70 people from two mobile home communities were victims of flash flooding caused by severe thunderstorms on July 1.

Although high waters have receded, flood debris are reportedly scattered throughout the area and volunteers are needed for the cleanup.

"Damage estimates right now, not including including infrastructure damage, is probably close to $3-4 million," said County Executive Ken Waller.

The cost of damage to county roads and bridges could add up to $1.5 million, enough to qualify for state assistance. 

Some families reportedly lost most of their belongings in the flood and need help while recovering.

"It's not a monetary value," said Warren Robinson, Jefferson County Emergency Manager. "You start looking at how it's impacting the community overall and the people inside the community and how it's impacting their lives."

The county is required to submit a complete assessment of the damage for residents, businesses, and the government before the state decides whether to intervene.

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