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Elsberry concerned about flooding causing sewage problems

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Officials in Elsberry are concerned that flooding will lead to raw sewage being spilled into a creek.

Authorities said the town’s lagoon system, which handles wastewater, is in danger of overflowing and spilling raw sewage into Lost Creek.

“It’s like pouring a five gallon bucket of water into a one gallon container. We can’t handle all that extra water. If we lose this levee behind us, I imagine the EPA won’t be kind to us,” said Elsberry Mayor Steve Wilch.

Some homes have gotten rid of their storm water by tapping into the town’s sewage lines. The system is not designed to handle the amount of water brought on by the storm water. 158 violation notices have been sent out to residents, but the city believes it needs to be tough on violators. It is considering implementing fines as a punishment.

“We’ve got these pumps running and it’s costing a considerable amount of money per week just to treat rainwater,” Wilch said.

Wilch said a pump was brought in two weeks ago. He also said renting the pump and hundreds of feet of hose is costing thousands of dollars per week.

“There’s other things we can do with our sewer system besides throw money away,” said Wilch.

Wilch told News 4 the city may be able to help a homeowner change their home’s system if he or she cannot afford to do so. However, Wilch said the city will not pay the entire bill.

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