Group says they were escorted from post-parade event -

Group says they were escorted from post-parade event

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( – The “Queer Trans People of Color” say they were escorted away from the Pride Parade’s post-parade festival, but the organizers say those accusations are false.

“I think they had this perception that we were there to shut it down, but we were just there to uplift our family’s names,” said Janae Shepard. “They didn’t want us there. They didn’t want our message, our ‘Black Trans Lives Matters’ sign.”

The organizers for the parade said just like every festival in the city, they have a policy to not allow protesters on the grounds by any group. They say the group was welcome at a free-speech zone. Members of the QTPOC group say they were allowed to march in the parade, but it was at the post-parade that they were escorted out by police.

Since the festival, the president of Pride St. Louis has apologized for the lack of care and concern of groups like QTPOC and pledges to work with them to create a more inclusive event in the future.

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