South City residents wake up to missing tires -

South City residents wake up to missing tires

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( -- Many south city residents got a rude awakening when they stepped outside Friday morning, their cars were on concrete blocks.
At least two vehicles near Walsh Ave. in the Dutchtown Neighborhood were hit by thieves. Two tires and rims were stolen from each car.
“He couldn't go to work today and with him working more than I am right now it affects finances overall with kids on the way, it's affecting everything,” said one of the victims.
The victim says St. Louis Police told her that several other cars in and around her street had been hit as well. The same type of crime happened just two days ago in the Dogtown Neighborhood. News 4 told you about tires and rims stolen off a family’s vehicle. In all of the cases, the cars have been parked in back alleyways.
“They are not just effecting themselves to make a quick buck, but they are hurting so many other people,” said the victim.  “By hurting those other people you are just bringing more negativity to St. Louis.”
No word from police on any suspects at this time or if these cases are connected.

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