Cars parked outside baseball fields being broken into -

Cars parked outside baseball fields being broken into

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( – Police said cars that were parked outside baseball fields in Chesterfield and Ballwin were broken into recently.

Authorities said three cars were broken into outside the fields in Chesterfield Saturday night.

“The windows were busted out of the vehicles and items were taken, primarily purses and items inside of purses were taken,” said Det. Robert Powell with Chesterfield police.

Police said criminals stole valuables from inside cars at the Ballwin Athletic Association Fields three days earlier.

“It’s kind of a shame that people take advantage of that while they’re concentrating on their kids and forget about the stuff in their car,” said Gary Winter with the Ballwin Athletic Association.

Police said thieves go looking for victims where there are large number of cars in a parking lot. Thieves often target cars parked on the edge of parking lots at night. Authorities said many people leave desirable objects within plain view inside their car.

“There’s certainly a concentrated effort on vehicles deemed to be of value in plain view,” said Powell. 

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