News 4's Alissa Reitmeier details first weeks as an expectant mo -

News 4's Alissa Reitmeier details first weeks as an expectant mother

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By: Alissa Reitmeier / News 4

Thanks for taking a minute to stop by my pregnancy diary! My husband and I are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our little one this December and we have been bursting to share the news since the moment we found out we were expecting in early April. It was especially hard to keep it a secret at work since I'm so close with my News 4 co-workers!

I'm so excited to share this journey with my News 4 family and hopefully those of you who have experienced pregnancy before will provide me with some advice and guidance.

Being a first time mom-to-be is so exciting and also sort of terrifying! Before my nephew, Luke, was born last August, I had very little direct exposure to babies. I was the one who would hold and play with the baby until it had a dirty diaper or started crying, then I promptly handed it back to its mother! Having candid conversations with my sister-in-law through her pregnancy and first year of motherhood has helped, but I know I still have so much to learn.

Let me catch you up to speed on where we are on this adventure. The plate in the above photo is what we used to tell my in-laws that they were about to be grandparents again! That was soon after we found out, but I am now 15 weeks along which means our baby is about the size of an orange or avocado (depending on which app you use!). My official due date is December 24th and, as my doctor joked, “some people call that Christmas Eve!” :)

Like most newly pregnant women, I immediately bought a bunch of books and have been flipping through them, the apps on my phone and searching Google with any random questions that pop up. I think the biggest surprise for me has been the many food restrictions. No soft cheeses, no unpasteurized juice (I LOVE green juice!), no over easy eggs, no deli meats. That last one is perfectly fine with me because I haven't been able to even look at any kind of meat since I got pregnant. As long as I can have my beloved spicy pad Thai every Saturday, I'm happy! The only consistent cravings I've had so far are LOTS of fresh fruit, cream cheese, toasted ravioli and apple juice. Yum!Here's the latest picture of our little one! We will find out in the weeks to come whether we are expecting a little boy or girl, so stay tuned! Thank you all so very much for your support and excitement. It means the absolute world to me!
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