Chesterfield police warning about scam involving impostor office -

Chesterfield police warning about scam involving impostor officer

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CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (KMOV) -- Chesterfield police are warning the public about a new scam being perpetrated by a subject that is cloning the department's phone number and attempting to convince college-age students they owe money.

Police have received multiple reports that a male caller is identifying himself as a local officer and asking for a college student by name. The victim is told they are being investigated for past due student loans and mention a specific dollar amount. 

It is unknown how the phone number is being changed to appear to come from the Chesterfield Police Department, but it is occurring regularly.

To date, calls have been made to eight potential victims in the St. Louis area, Warrensburg and Columbia, Mo.

Chesterfield police advise the community that no officer or government official should be calling to request money from a citizen for any reason.  

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