Suspended SLMPD officer arrested after search reveals guns, hero -

Suspended SLMPD officer arrested after search reveals guns, heroin

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Natalie Williams, 34, a suspended SLMPD police officer, was arrested after a search warrant execution revealed guns, drugs and cash. Natalie Williams, 34, a suspended SLMPD police officer, was arrested after a search warrant execution revealed guns, drugs and cash.
ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - The search of a home of a suspended St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department officer resulted in the officer's arrest and the seizure of guns, drugs and cash.

On Tuesday, officers from the SLMPD and the FBI executed a search warrant in the officer's home in the 4500 block of Page.

During the search, officer recovered and seized guns, heroin and a large amount of cash, according to police.

St. Louis Police officer Natalie Williams, 34, was arrested during the search.

"Even though a law enforcement officer typically is allowed to have a weapon, under Missouri Law, no one may have a weapon and also possess drugs," said Circuit Attorney Jennifer Joyce.

Police also discovered several items in Williams' home that are typically used to distribute heroin, such as a grinder, scales and capsules.

"That together with the heroin and paraphernalia she was charged with possession of heroin with the intent to distribute," Joyce said.

Williams was also charged with two felony counts of unauthorized use of a weapon.

On February 6, Williams was suspended from the department for "conduct unbecoming of a police officer."

At the time of the suspension, Police Commissioner Sam Dotson began an Internal Affairs investigation into Williams' conduct.

City leaders said they hope the charges will give residents faith in the justice system.

"We go out of our way to make sure that they clearly understand that's not going to be tolerated under this leadership here in the city of St. Louis," said Public Safety Director Richard Gray.

Some residents told News 4 they are glad Williams is off the force.

"Because she was an officer, I believe that the penalty should be a little higher than a regular person," said Mike Rivera, a St. Louis resident.

"Police officers are not above the law and when they are involved in criminal activity, we will pursue them vigorously until justice is served," said Commissioner Dotson in a release. "The actions of one should not tarnish the reputation of the 1,300 dedicated men and women who serve as police officers in the City of St. Louis."

Williams most recently worked in the department's Domestic Abuse Response Team after joining the department in October 2007.

The details of the criminal charges filed against Williams were not released.

The accusations against Williams are the latest allegations of wrongdoing against a St. Louis officer.

In April, former Police Sergeant Don McGhee pleaded guilty to providing a gun to known drug dealer. Officers Keith Major and Durand Brassfield are still being investigated for alleged misconduct in connection with the same came.

In August 2014, Terry Robinson said he recorded an exchange between two officers who he claims threatened to frame him on gun charges if he did not provide them with a name. Robinson's girlfriend told News 4 one of those officers is Thomas Carroll, who is being investigated for allegedly assaulting a suspect in a different case.

In February 2014, police said Renell Jones Harris was badly injured climbing a fence to get away from officers, but Harris' family believes officers may be responsible for his injuries.

Mario Crump was left with two broken hands, six broken fingers, and cut that took five staples to close after Crump's family called police to get a handle on his mental illness.

In mid June, an officer was accused of having sex with a woman who called police because of a domestic disturbance. The alleged incident happened while the officer was on duty. The officer later resigned.

No date has yet been set for the preliminary hearing in Williams' case.

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