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I Do... To Do: Wedding Dress Shopping Adventures

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 I should start by saying the video in my wedding dress story does not show my dress, nor will I be sharing about what my dress looks like until after my wedding.  My fiance and I are sticking to tradition on this one.  So, he's not seeing my dress until our wedding day.  We're also not doing a "first look".  We won't be seeing each other on our wedding day until our ceremony...when my Dad is walking me down the aisle.  I promise, however, to show my dress on Great Day St. Louis after our wedding....you have my word.

That being said, I absolutely had to do a wedding dress story as part of my "I Do... To Do" series.  A bride's dress is a huge part of the wedding.  In fact, I have to be honest....I didn't realize how big of a role it plays.  My lovely wedding planners from Simcha's Events describe it this way.....just as your venue sets the tone for your reception, a bride's dress sets the tone for the entire day.  Wow, that's pressure! 

Here are a few other tips from Simcha Lourie and Alix-Ann O'Brien:

  • Start looking for your dress at least six to eight months in advance.  It usually takes a while for your dress to be made and shipped to you.  Then you have a series of alterations.  Not to mention, you need to allow yourself time to find the perfect veil, time for your hair and make-up trial, and time to find the right shoes.
  • Always make an appointment at a bridal shop.  
  • Research, research, research!  Scour magazines, peruse Pinterest.....make sure you have ideas of what you want before you head to the bridal boutique.  That being said, always have an open mind.  Someone might suggest a designer or style you weren't considering and well, you might love it on you.
  • Keep your entourage to a minimum.  It's nice to invite your mother, future mother-in-law and maid of honor.  However, your opinion could get lost in the mix if you include too many people.
  • Keep in mind your dress sets the tone for the entire day.  If you're having a more casual wedding, don't buy a fancy dress.  On the flip side, if you're having a fancier wedding, don't choose a more casual dress.
  • Remember to bring the right shoes and right undergarments with you.  Learn from my mistakes.  I totally failed on this one.  Oops.
  • Try your darndest to stick to you price point.  More goes into your dress than what the price tag says.  You have to budget money for alterations, a veil (if you want one), shoes and jewelry.
  • You're not limited to a traditional white anymore.  More and more brides are choosing blush, mint or gray tones.  Just be sure whatever color you pick complements your skin tone.

One more thing before I let you go.  Be sure to watch my wedding dress story to get the scoop on the latest wedding dress trends.  The dresses at Fleur De Lis Bridal Boutique in Clayton and Simply Elegant Bridal in downtown St. Louis are so beautiful and trendy that I wish I could buy all of them.  Thank you to the ladies at both boutiques for letting us take over your store for a few hours for our story.  

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