New details emerge in deadly Franklin County home invasion -

New details emerge in deadly Franklin County home invasion

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Police said a Franklin County man killed an intruder for the second time in four months after an ax wielding man broke into his house.

The homeowner said Eric Frazer, a former neighbor, barged into his house on Osage Parkway around 2:00 a.m. Tuesday and destroyed some items in the home, demanded money and that he be driven to Arkansas.

"He said 'I will kill you, I'm going to kill you," victim Mike Weiners said. 

Weiners said Frazer then went after him.

"He says 'I think I'm going to chop your feet off,' and I'm like 'what?' So he whacks and it hits the table and busts the table up. He barely missed my feet," Weiners said.

Wieners then stabbed Frazer multiple times, in an act of self defense, police said. Weiners said Frazer was angry about losing his license due to unpaid child support, and took out his anger on the first person he could find.

"He reached around to get the money and that's when I got him. I struck him and he ran out the door and jumped in my truck and drove off," Weiners said.

Weiners said he called police, who found Frazer slumped over the wheel of a stolen truck. Frazer later died at a hospital. 

Weiners previously shot an intruder in February. Police said a man who Weiners previously had an argument with broke into his home on February 26.  Police said Weiners told them the 60-year-old man was armed and that he shot him in self-defense.

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