Concern raised over city officials' decision to move handicapped -

Concern raised over city officials' decision to move handicapped-accessible bus stop

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

Some elderly and disabled residents who rely on public transportation said St. Louis city officials have made life more difficult after moving a nearby bus stop.

Human Services Director Eddie Roth said he recommended to close the stop, located near City Park Apartments, to protect bus riders from crowds of homeless people who usually congregate there.

“The bus stop had been used as a pretext for people who wanted to hang out and engage in mischief or worse,” said Roth.

However, residents said moving the stop over one block was unnecessary because they never felt threatened by the homeless.

Some residents complained the new bus stop is not only farther, but also lacks a handicapped-accessible ramp.

"The bus stop was ideal because it could come close to the curb, put down its ramp, and the handicapped people could make easy entry or exit," said apartment resident Robert Fitzgerald.

Roth said the city will address the ramp issue and consider other complaints brought to him.

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