Clinton speaks about Ferguson, Charleston during St. Louis visit -

Clinton speaks about Ferguson, Charleston during St. Louis visit

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Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton visited Florissant Tuesday and used the opportunity to speak about the recent church shooting in Charleston and the issues raised by unrest in Ferguson.

Clinton spoke to a packed crowd at Christ the King United Church of Christ. People waited in line to get the opportunity to see her in person.

“I don't see color, and I'm glad she is addressing the total tragedy in Charleston,” said attendee Marquerite Grove.

Clinton also spoke about the broader topic of racial inequities in American society.

“How do we make sense of such an evil act of racial terrorism? How do we turn grief and despair into purpose and action?” Clinton said.

The visit also included a panel discussion. Molly Metzger, who teaches at Washington University's School of Social Work, said a discussion on race was necessary.

“We absolutely need to talk, blacks are being killed simply because they are black. It's happening in St. Louis and in Charleston. It has to stop,” Metzger said.

The Missouri Republican Party released a statement about Clinton's visit:

“The number of Americans who view Hillary Clinton unfavorably is increasing the longer she campaigns, so we are thrilled she is visiting the Show-Me State. Now Missourians will have an opportunity to see the real Hillary: out-of-touch, untrustworthy, and scandal-plagued. Next November, Missourians will soundly reject the liberal policies of Hillary Clinton—or whoever is the Democratic nominee for president—just as they twice rejected Barack Obama.”

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