St. Louis-area schools agree to help failing districts -

St. Louis-area schools agree to help failing districts

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - A group of St. Louis-area schools are pledging to help two failing districts get back on track.

The agreement announced by Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon on Tuesday will mean 22 schools that accept students transferring from the Normandy and Riverview Garden schools also will provide support to help those districts regain accreditation.

Help could include anything from reducing tuition to teacher training.

The agreement comes as Nixon is considering a bill aimed at reducing the cost to failing schools if students transfer, as well as giving some students the option to switch to virtual or charter schools.

The legislation received mixed support in the Legislature after some raised concerns that it didn't adequately address issues stemming from the state's student transfer law.

Nixon hasn't publicly backed the bill.

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