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Flooding overtakes News 4 viewing area

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(KMOV.com) -- Across the News 4 viewing area, flooding has led to evacuations, and has overtaken streets and parking lots. Many local rivers have begun to rise and residents in multiple counties are doing everything they can to keep the water from spreading any further.


In Jefferson County, officials and residents formed a wall of sandbags that they hope will protect the AMVETS Post 42 in Herculaneum. The Joachim Creek has risen several feet since Thursday and is moving closer every hour.

“Keep the water out,” shouted Ron Smith, an AMVET Trustee, as he and others stacked sandbags.

On Thursday, Herculaneum officials put out a call for help Thursday and volunteers came from far and wide Friday morning to help. Workers are building two walls of sandbags to block the entrances to the AMVETS Hall and prevent a repeat of damage when floodwater got into the building two years ago.

“I got here at 7:30 a.m.,” said Killi Ashandra, a volunteer. “I'm a certified member for the Herculaneum Fire Department and when my town needs me, when my county needs me, I get here to do the work.”

Many of the volunteers are high school students. And all the volunteers are hoping that the flood waters never reach the sandbags. Even if the water doesn't reach, the effort wasn't in vain because it showed all the residents how supportive the community is.


In the Metro East, what was once a parking lot has devolved into a makeshift pond in Belleville at the Sportsplex. “The parking lot here is pretty full,” said Bryan Riba, who was visiting the Sportsplex. “It's probably a foot deep so you got to be careful driving in water.”

But it's not just Belleville that has been affected in the Metro East. Roads in O'Fallon, Illinois have also flooded. “There's a lot of water along the roads, especially up by the O'Fallon Sports Park,” said Riba. As News 4 crews were driving around surveying the flooding, they notice a couple on the side of the road trying to pull their car out of the water.

Various farms near Highway 15 and Freeburg also saw their share of flooding. It's extremely important to take necessary precautions when out and about during floods.

38 people had to be rescued from flooded homes in Centreville.


An area in Crawford County was evacuated due to flooding Friday morning.

According to Steelville Fire Chief Steven Lefler, a mobile home community on Cedar Street was evacuated around 4:30 a.m. after water in Yadkin Creek began rising.

Chief Lefler said around 20 mobile homes were impacted and 15 adults and three kids were rescued.

Water rose to just over four feet in the area.

Officials from Bourbon, Cuba, Potosi and Sullivan assisted with the evacuations.

Around 8 a.m. officials said it was safe for residents to return to their homes.


Highway 61 has been shut down near Troy due to due flooding concerns with the Cuivre River

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