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Feldman: Cardinals gained little advantage from alleged actions

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By Brian Feldman, BaseballStL

One of the most confusing aspects of the scandal the Cardinals are involved in with the Houston Astros – where the team is being investigated by the FBI for allegedly “hacking” (if that's even the right word) into its former rivals' database – is what advantage the Cards may have received.

What competitive advantage could possibly have been gained by doing this?  It's not even a team in the Cardinals' own league, let along their own division.  If the Redbirds were accused of doing something to the Pirates or the Cubs that would be different.

But the Astros?  Plus, again, what did they gain by doing this?

Well, in speaking to Sports Illustrated, Astros GM Jeff Luhnow pretty much answers that pressing question.  

Not much.

“If you were to take a snapshot of the database of one team, within a month it would not be useful anymore, because things change so quickly,” Luhnow told SI. “Not to mention the types of analysis you would do back in 2011, versus 2012 or '13, is evolving so quickly because of new tools like PitchFX and StatCast.”

Then the cherry on top.

“I wouldn't trust another team's analysis even if I had it,” Luhnow stated to Sports Illustrated.

So with a new report from the Houston Chronicle that the Cardinals alleged actions go back to 2012 – something that will undoubtedly add more fuel to conspiracy theorists out there – this little tidbit of information from Luhnow should put most of this to rest.

Obviously, something happened.  Cards GM John Mozeliak and Chairman Bill DeWitt acknowledged as much this week.  However, for those thinking it's something other than a rogue midlevel employee (or employees) this new admission from the Astros should, in theory, bode well for the organization's reputation.

A crime was committed.  No one is going to dispute that.  But at this point Cardinals fans are just crossing their fingers that this is going to go away sooner rather than later with little to no consequences.  At the very least, they're hoping it isn't a scandal which will have lasting implications.

The more and more information that comes out regarding what took place the last few years, the more and more I'm convinced it's all rather benign and it will all get swept under the rug before long.
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