Indiana law legalizes ownership of sawed-off shotgun -

Indiana law legalizes ownership of sawed-off shotgun

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TERRE HAUTE, INDIANA CNN) - An Indianan law will go into effect next month that will legalize the ownership of sawed-off shotguns.

Currently, it is a felony to own a sawed-off, or short-barrel, shotgun. While the new legislation will legalize ownership of the weapons, there will be restrictions for those interested in buying one of the guns.

"You can possess the sawed-off shotgun, but you have to have the permits and register it accordingly," said Terry Modesitt, the Vigo County prosecutor.

A local firearms salesman said it can take six to nine months for the paperwork and background checks to process.

The new law also includes a measure that requires a 10-year sentence enhancement for anyone who possesses a sawed-off shotgun while committing certain crimes.

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