Deer spotted in downtown St. Louis -

Deer spotted in downtown St. Louis

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

You might not expect to see a deer in downtown St. Louis but several people spotted the animal roaming near the former Millennium Hotel Wednesday.

“I just happened to look out my window and saw the deer eating grass and I wondered where it came from,” said Shannon Wildrick.

Wildrick said she and another co-worker started making calls to find out who could come help return the deer to a safer spot.

“My concern is that he'll get up and try to go somewhere and get hit by a car since we're near so many highways,” she explained.

News 4 reached out to St. Louis Animal Control about what to do.

St. Louis Health Director Melba Moore said crews came out to check on the deer. They said it cannot move it because they believe its mother will return.

“We will not continue to keep a presence at the scene so the animal can calm down and leave on its own,” Moore said.

She said they are in contact with the Department of Conservation about the deer. They believe the deer most likely lives near the river and could have been displaced by rising water.

She advises people to stay away from the deer.

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