Man feels threatened after Calverton Park officer cleans his gun -

Man feels threatened after Calverton Park officer cleans his gun in booking area

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CALVERTON PARK, Mo. ( - One man told News 4 he felt threatened by a Calverton Park police officer after he was arrested during a traffic stop.

Eric Foster said he was stopped and taken to jail for not having a properly registered license plate, but it was what happened in the booking area that left him feeling scared for his life.

"I was going down Florissant and the cop was coming to the stop sign and all he saw was the side of my truck, and he looked at me and he just turned his lights on,” Foster said.

Foster said he was on his way to work on May 22 when a Calverton Park Police officer took him to jail for not having a properly registered license plate.

"I'm doing my paperwork and Officer Moore's partner said, ‘how do you feel about racist white guy cleaning his gun in front of you?' And he disarmed his gun and he started shuffling the bullets back,” he said.

Foster added that he and the two officers were the only ones in the building at the time.

"The way they had the cuffs off of me after I got done with my stuff, it's like they wanted me to run or do like this or something real quick so they could have a reason, I guess, to harm me. I was scared,” he said.

News 4 reached out to Calverton Park Police Chief Vince Delia, but he was not available for an on camera interview.

He initially said he didn't know anything about the incident, but after talking with one of the officers involved, he said the officer was having issues with his weapon and had taken it apart to see what the problem was.

"I wasn't racist, I didn't have an attitude. I didn't give them any type of reason to even act like that,” Foster said.

Chief Delia confirmed that their policy doesn't allow officers to have their weapons in the booking area, but he insists the officer wasn't trying to scare Foster.

Still, Foster says he hasn't been able to get the experience out of his mind.

"I just want the world to know that this is just not right,” Foster said.

Chief Delia said some disciplinary action will be taken against the officers, but he did not tell News 4 what that would be.

Foster said he reached out to the NAACP, who said they plan to file a formal complaint with justice department.
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