Fans react to accusations Cards hacked Astros database -

Fans react to accusations Cards hacked Astros database

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The reaction of Cardinals fans to the news that the team may have hacked another team's database was mixed.

Cardinals' officials are accused of hacking into special databases belonging to Astros, and accessing proprietary statistics, scouting reports, and internal discussions about potential trades. The FBI and U.S. Justice Department are investigating the alleged conduct.

“I think it's a chance that something like this happens I think shady stuff like this happens all the time, we just haven't found out,” said one fan.

Others said they were shocked.

“I was very shocked by it. I hadn't heard any rumors of anything like that and all of the sudden you see that. I don't know,” said another fan.

Another fan said he is unsure what the Redbirds would gain from the alleged hack.

“Why would they mess with Houston, they are in another division, we don't know what they are up to,” said fan John Zellin.

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