Man alleges hospital was inattentive to fiancee, leading to her -

Man alleges hospital was inattentive to fiancee, leading to her death

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( – A man says SSM DePaul Medical Center is responsible for his finacee's death after she was allegedly kept in the emergency room waiting room for hours.

Joseph Russell told News 4 he rushed his fiancée, 34-year-old Renada Franklin, to DePaul after she complained of a bad headache.

“We're sitting in the waiting room for an hour and a half and she passed out before she woke up and yelled It hurts! It hurts!' very loudly,” Russell said.

According to Russell, 30 minutes after the shouting, he begged a nurse for help. Russell said he then held Franklin until she began to exhibit more problems.

“She laid on my chest yelled ‘My head hurts!' one more time. She then went to sleep, dozed off and started foaming at the mouth,” Russell said.

Russell told News 4 three nurses then grabbed Franklin, who was taken into emergency surgery. News 4 was told she had a cyst on her brain and died the next day.

DePaul released the following statement about Franklin:

“Like other healthcare organizations, SSM DePaul Health Center is bound by HIPAA laws which prevent us from disclosing or sharing any specific patient information.”

The hospital also said it encourages patients and family members to contact it directly with questions about care.

Russell said nobody took Franklin's vitals when she got to the emergency room.

“I fell like if we had gotten attention before it ruptured or whatever happened to make her go in to a seizure, this would have never happened. It never would have made it this far,” said Russell.

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