How to protect against storm repair scammers -

How to protect against storm repair scammers

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

News 4 wants to help protect residents against home repair scams, as more storms head to the St. Louis region.

Many schemes start with contractors reaching out to homeowners, typically going door-to-door. This is potentially a red flag.

People looking to make repairs to their home are advised to make initial contact with the contractor they want to hire.

Also, many reputable companies will not ask for money up front unless the job is completed. 

Paying by check instead of using a credit card can pose another problem. Once the check is cashed, the money is gone. 

To avoid unexpected fees or liens, homeowners should ask the repair company to include a lien waiver in the project's contract.

For more information about working with subcontractors click here.

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