News 4 Investigates: Missouri Attorney General inspects Oak Grov -

News 4 Investigates: Missouri Attorney General inspects Oak Grove Cemetery

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Families have complained about the deteriorating conditions at Oak Grove cemetery for years.

Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster inspected the grounds Monday, and said the owner, Marilyn Stanza, has only made slight improvements following a January 2015 lawsuit to repair the cemetery.

"Now is the time to drop the accelerator on this litigation, and do everything we can to move forward," said Koster.

Complaints date back to 2011, when a Gustine Crawford told News 4 a headstone she ordered for a deceased relative took years to deliver. In February 2015, conditions were so bad some families moved the bodies of their loved ones out.

Stanza's attorney said she has invested substantial amounts of her own money to maintain Oak Grove, and spent $250,000 to replace the mausoleum's roof. He also confirmed Stanza is willing to sell the cemetery.

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