Construction worker allegedly steals, resells job site tools -

Construction worker allegedly steals, resells job site tools

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ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. ( - A construction worker was charged after a foreman working on a new building at Washington University noticed a table saw was missing from the construction site.

John M. Boedeker, 26, of Collinsville, reportedly stole the table saw from the site and resold it to a pawn shop.

After the foreman reported the table saw missing, surveillance footage showed a man wheeling the saw out of the building under construction and loading it into a pick-up truck. 

Washington University police identified the man in the video as Boedeker and placed him under arrest at the job site.

According to police, Boedeker admitted to taking the saw, but said he received permission to borrow the saw for a weekend project and that it was located at his home in Collinsville.

Authorities and Boedeker agreed to travel to his home to recover the saw, but on the way, Boedeker reportedly changed his mind and instead arranged for his brother to bring the saw to the police station.

Upon the saw's arrival at the police station, police said, the saw was discovered to be different from the saw stolen from the construction site.

After additional investigation, officers discovered that Boedeker reportedly sold the saw to a pawnshop two days after it was stolen.

Boedeker is charged with felony stealing and a judge issued a bond of $10,000.
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