Storms cause tree to go into St. Charles home -

Storms cause tree to go into St. Charles home

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Storms were responsible for a tree falling into a home in St. Charles Thursday afternoon.

Skyzoom 4 showed a tree that split and fell into a home in the 1000 block of Madison, which is located roughly one block from the Lindenwood University campus. The storm hit as the owner of the home Tom Ermeling was starting to take a nap. He said his stepson was in a room above where he was.

"It hit with enough force that it split the wall inside of his closet. I'm afraid if we get any more rain, I'm gonna have it in the house and so the dry wall will start coming down," Ermerling said.

The storm split the tree in Ermerling's driveway. The tree then sheared off part of the home's roof and was left hanging on a utility line.

"With all the weight still hanging off that end of the house and the power line underneath it, that's what I'm afraid of. Once the leaves dry and the weight starts to shift, it may go ahead and come on down on it's own," Emerling said.

High wings were also responsible for damage at the Rosewood Condos in St. Peters. Vicky and Rick Koonley said they were forced to take shelter.

"It was short, but it was intense, it was really intense. I'd say that 60 to 70 MPH winds or better," Rick Koonley said. "We took shelter in our bathroom because it was so bad, out patio chairs were blowing against our windows. That's how bad it came in."

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