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Apartment residents who had AC units stolen seek help

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Residents of the Park Ridge Apartments in south St. Louis County contacted News 4 to get help because many of them don't have air conditioning.

"It's just hard to breathe. It's hot, humid. "It's been hotter in my apartment than it's been outside," said Laurie Wanager, who suffers from COPD.

Residents said that 17 air conditioning units were stolen by copper thieves in February but four months later, eight still haven't been replaced. Some of the units not touched by thieves don't work properly.

A resident named Steven, who would only provide his first name said, "And it got down to 85 degree and it started jumping back up, 87, it went all the way to 92 and I shut the system off because there was no more freon in there."

News 4 tried to get answers from the apartment leasing manager but she called the police when a reporter pressed for answer.

When a St. Louis County police officer arrived, he asked News 4's Russell Kinsual to stay off the complex's private property.

The St. Louis County Housing Authority said it will investigate the matter because some of the residents are on Section 8 and the Housing.

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