Normandy police asking residents to grade officers -

Normandy police asking residents to grade officers

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Chief Frank Mininni of the Normandy Police Department is changing the way officers police the area.

“When I started here as a patrolmen I didn't understand it was important to communicate with people,” he said.

He used a survey to gauge what the community actually thought of police. In 2011, Mininni began sending his officers into the streets with citizen contact feedback forms. After police respond to a call, they give the caller a survey.

“It serves as an early warning system. If you get a couple negative ones about the officer you can call that officer in and sit him or her down,” said Chief Mininni.

According to Normandy police, there has been a decrease in crime over the past several years. They had 211 crime reports in 2008 compared to the 87 in 2014.

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