The Perfect Distraction from Wedding Planning -

The Perfect Distraction from Wedding Planning

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 You know that feeling of good in you're hurting after a tough workout but boy does it feel good!  I felt that "good pain" after a recent GRIT workout at Gold's Gym in St. Peters.  GRIT Strength is a 30-minute, high-intensity interval training workout designed to improve strength and build lean muscle.  The workout is centered around barbell, weight plate and body weight exercises.  It's one of three GRIT classes Gold's Gym offers (the other two are GRIT Plyo and GRIT Cardio).  

I could go on and on about what you do in class, but let me just stop right here and's totally worth it.  I loved every minute of it (even though I was exhausted after the first 5 minutes), and I left with the feeling that I want to come back....I want to try another GRIT class.  Yep, I'm saying I want to return for that feeling of "good pain"!  Not to mention, I enjoyed the motivation from the instructor, and I really liked the company of those around me in class, sweating (and panting) just as hard as me.  Ohhh, it  It was the absolute perfect distraction from planning a wedding.  In fact, not one wedding detail crossed my mind during class, and I walked out with a clear mind and a big 'ol smile on my face. 

So Claire (I often talk to myself), you need to make it a priority to especially workout during this whole wedding prep process.  No more excuses, like the one I tried to use last week....attempted to convince myself I couldn't workout because I didn't have any face wipes with me, and I can't stand working out with make-up plastered on my face.    

The Gold's Gym in St. Peters has more than 50 group exercise classes every week, and they're all FREE with your membership.  Awesome.  In fact, all of the 8 area Gold's Gym locations have a plethora of group exercise classes, and did I mention they are free with membership.  Check 'em out.  Trust me, the "good pain" is worth it!

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