Authorities conduct major heroin sweep in St. Charles County -

Authorities conduct major heroin sweep in St. Charles County

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( – Police said more than 50 people were arrested in a heroin bust in St. Charles County and the surrounding area.

Police announced the results of the sweep in a room with officers, and friends and family members of those who died because of heroin.

“Historically you look at heroin use as the junkie in the alley and who he's hurting besides himself. We know that' obviously not reality here in this community. I can say the impact of heroin use is far reaching,” said St. Charles Prosecutor Tim Lohmar.

Those dressed in brightly colored shirts had lost loved ones to heroin overdoses. One woman shared the story of how she lost her college aged daughter to heroin in 2013.

“My daughter was in college, she was not a crappy kid. These are all great kids from great families,” said Gee Vigna.

The number of people using heroin is growing at a faster rate than any other type of drug abuse.

In the sweep, police seized more than 34,000 dosages of heroin and 28 guns.

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