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Let Me Introduce You to Simcha and Alix-Ann!

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 I know I "introduced" all of you to the wedding planners graciously helping me with my "I Do... To Do" series, Simcha Lourie and Alix-Ann O'Brien of Simcha's Events, on TV last week, but I want to do the same on my blog.  Meet Simcha and Alix-Ann!  To say these ladies are wonderful and organized and talented and creative and entertaining and dedicated would be an understatement.  From their extensive connections in the St. Louis wedding industry to their calming demeanor, they've helped me view the wedding planning process in a whole new light.  I'm having FUN!  Don't get me wrong, I'm over the moon excited about getting married to the love of my life.  However, planning a wedding is a big task with a lot of little details.  I refer to that as overwhelming.  I'm sure many of you are shaking your head YES right now.  Simcha and Alix-Ann are constantly reminding me to have fun, enjoy the ride because before you know it, you're walking down the aisle to say "I DO!"  

 Here's a manageable list of tasks Simcha and Alix-Ann recommend tackling first as you kick off your wedding planning process.

1.)  Set a reasonable timeline -- Most of Simcha and Alix-Ann's clients have anywhere from a 4 month to a 12 month engagement.  They highly suggest establishing your ceremony location, reception venue and entertainment very early in the process.

 2.)  Figure out an approximate guest list -- It's important to have an idea how many people you are inviting so you can make sure your ceremony location and reception location can accommodate everyone you want to be with you on your special day.  Don't stress, though....it doesn't have to be an exact number.  

 3.)  Consider using a wedding planner -- Whether you want someone to guide you through the whole process step-by-step or someone to assist you during the few months leading up to your big day, a professional wedding planner will truly help you maximize your time (and let's be honest, none of us have time spare) and point you in the right direction. 

4.)  Have fun! -- And that's an order!  Jokes aside, remember to enjoy yourself, enjoy planning the best day of your life.  If you find yourself falling off the "have fun" bandwagon, assign someone to politely remind you of your goal to relax and enjoy the ride.  I assign Simcha and Alix-Ann to do that for me, please and thank you!

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