MoDOT looking for new ideas to pay for improvements to I-70 -

MoDOT looking for new ideas to pay for improvements to I-70

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MoDOT is asking for the input of others when it comes to how pay for improvements on I-70.

Several ideas, such as making the highway a toll road from Kansas City to Warren County have been proposed, but Warren County residents said it would hurt local businesses.

“We're kind of taking a stand, we want to see anything but tolls,” said Gary Carter with the Greater Warren County Economic Development Council.

Carter attended a transportation summit where businesses, lawmakers, and MoDOT officials discussed ways to maintain I-70 with MoDOT's shrinking budget. MoDOT is calling its search for ideas “Road to Tomorrow.”

“The sky's the limit on all the options and standing here today, I don't know what that's going to look like, but we've opened it up and we want people to come to the table with their ideas,” said Paula Gough with MoDOT.

“I know one person that owns a fleet trucks that says he would move his fleet into St. Charles County because he heads east. He said it would be too costly for him and I think he has 50 or 60 tractor trailer rigs,” said resident Murray A. Bruer.

MoDOT is asking for a funding suggestions such as a mix of public and private investment or gas taxes combined with increases in registration fees and sales taxes. Officials have even discussed making I-70 a “smart road” with advanced technology to accommodate driverless vehicles.

MoDOT said it hopes to have a solution in place by the end of 2015.

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