St. Louis native proposing Ballpark Village-style hockey venue -

St. Louis native proposing Ballpark Village-style hockey venue

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By: Mugo Odigwe / News 4

ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -- It's been lying empty for years but some are looking to put it to good use.

A proposal is in place to turn the old Chrysler plant in Fenton into a multi-purpose hockey arena. The proposed plan will come with a $45 million price tag.

Supporters of the project said it will bring jobs and a minor league hockey team into Fenton.

“I think it will be great for the city. There's a really good hockey fan base in St. Louis alone and Fenton seems like a nice area to be set up,” said Fenton resident Mark Sitek.

That's how some Fenton residents feel about the possibility of having a hockey arena that could also look similar to the “St. Louis Arena,” where the blues used to call home.

“A lot of hockey does go on in this area and it will be a benefit to all of us,” said Skip Ramsey.

The pitch to turn the now empty lot into an entertainment venue was made to Fenton leaders earlier this week.

Those behind the proposal say it will also look like a smaller version of Ballpark Village near Busch Stadium. The proposed arena would contain restaurants, hotels, retail outlets and office space.

The stadium will come with seats for more than 6,000 fans, 30 luxury suites, and 200 club seats.

While there's still no clear indication as to where money for the project will come from, if it comes down to a tax break to build it, here's what some residents told News 4.

“Whatever it takes to get something into that property. Tax breaks or whatever it is they have to do, I'm willing to go for it,” Ramsey said.

“Definitely, anything to get our blues finally turned around. For sure,” Sitek said.

No word yet from Fenton leaders on the possible stadium but plans to continue working on the proposal is moving forward.

The St. Louis Arena was south of Forest Park near Highway 40 from 1929 to 1999.

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