Activist says guns should be allowed at zoo -

Activist says guns should be allowed at zoo

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( – A man who led a rally in support of open in carry in downtown St. Louis said people have the right to carry guns into the zoo.

Jeffry Smith said he plans to come to St. Louis Zoo while armed and said under law, he is allowed to so even though the zoo has signs posted saying guns are not allowed. Smith led a rally in support of open carry in downtown St. Louis, in fall, 2014.

“It's a person's choice to make whether to carry a gun in there or not. Am I necessarily concerned within the confines of the zoo? Maybe so, maybe not,” Smith said. “Give me the case law or cite statute that says you have the ability to post these signs.”

Under Missouri law, guns are prohibited in amusement parks, but Smith questions if the zoo is actually categorized as one.

“It's a zoo, not an amusement park. It's a zoological institution. The difference between the zoo and Six Flags is that the zoo is public,” Smith said.

The St. Louis Zoo told News 4 it bans all weapons, but did not say what statute the rule is based on. Zoo visitors were of mixed opinion when asked if guns should be allowed inside.

Zoo officials said they will not speculate on what will happen if Smith follows through on his pledge to bring a gun in.

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