Second application causes confusion for Civilian Oversight Board -

Second application causes confusion for Civilian Oversight Board applicants

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( – Many people who have applied to be on the newly founded Civilian Oversight Board may have to reapply after two different applications have gone to print.

The office of Mayor Francis Slay distributed an application, but so did an independent organization, the Coalition Against Police Crimes and Repression. However, the mayor's office is only accepting their application, forcing many people to reapply.

“It's unfortunate that we couldn't come together with a single process. That complicates the matter,” said John Chasnoff, the organization's co-chair. Chasnoff didn't have an exact number of how many people have filled out CAPCR's application, but he says he's submitting them to the Board of Alderman members no matter what.

“I can't speak to whether individual alderman are going to consider the applications from CAPCR,” said Patrick Brown, Deputy Chief of Staff for Mayor Slay. “What I can say is anyone that is sent to us, we are going to ask them to fill out this application.”

Brown says he thinks the level of interest in the oversight board is great, but says they do need to fill out the mayor's application.

News 4 spoke to multiple board of alderman members who said this situation has added confusion to the process, but they will work with any citizen to clear it up.

For the official application, click here.

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