Circuit Attorney's office starts initiative to get more witnesse -

Circuit Attorney's office starts initiative to get more witnesses to come forward

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( -

The St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office has started an initiative to try and get more witnesses to speak in homicide cases.

As part of the initiative, a prosecutor will be sent to a murder scene to talk with detectives and observing witness interviews to better understand a case. The goal is establish trust with witnesses.

“We know we can't prosecute a case without witnesses. It doesn't matter how good an investigation is,” said prosecutor Mary Pat Carl. “One of the best parts about being here is being able to see where that witness was standing and being able to view what they can see at that vantage point. You have a real chance to be immersed in what the witness was able to experience.”

Carl was on the scene at a shooting that occurred on Greer in north St. Louis Thursday afternoon.

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