Convicted thieves give advice on how to avoid being a robbery ta -

Convicted thieves give advice on how to avoid being a robbery target

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. ( - Three convicted thieves have teamed up with police to make a Youtube video in hopes of preventing similar crimes.

In the "Burglars on Burglary" video, the inmates tell-all about what makes homes targets and what residents can do to stop would-be thieves.

"A lot of people think second story windows don't need to be locked. Lock them too," said Joel, one of the inmates in the video.

Featuring crime scene photos and interviews with three men serving time for burglary, the men explain in the video how they chose house to rob, what they looked for in homes and what they did with the stolen merchandise.

When choosing a home to target, the men searched for easy points of entry. They agreed that homeowners should close the blinds when leaving the house, install deadbolts locked, buy and test an alarm system and get visible security cameras.

"If I had something I didn't want nobody to see cause I don't want it stolen, I'm going to keep it hid," Joel said.

For participating in the video, the inmates will get a letter to the parole board saying they were cooperative as an incentive.

According to records from St. Louis city, there were 11 robberies between January and April, down almost 15 percent from last year.
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