Controversial former Fox Superintendent has new job within distr -

Controversial former Fox Superintendent has new job within district

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OAKVILLE ( - Mehlville School Board leaders are outraged after controversial former Superintendent Dianne Critchlow has shown up in different classrooms within the district working as a test observer. 

Critchlow's new job comes while she's still at the center of a state audit for misuse of district funds. Records show Critchlow visited Oakville Elementary School on April 29 to work in the building, but Mehlville district leaders said they did not know she was coming and certainly did not want her there. 

"I had to question whether this is an individual that is qualified anymore with her record, or at least with the circumstances surrounding her right now,” said Jamey Murphy of the Mehlville School Board. 

Murphy said that was the first thought that came to mind when he learned Critchlow was hired to observe testing at Oakville Elementary. 

"I'd say what you have is a system of somebody who's been discredited from fulfilling a job being just shuffled around and moved into a similar role elsewhere without consequences,” said Murphy. 

Critchlow retired from the Fox district in 2014 after numerous accusations, that range from a libel lawsuit brought against her by some Fox residents for cyber-bullying, to her being at the center of a state audit for fraud and abuse of district funds. 

Murphy was surprised Critchlow was allowed back at any school. 

"We hold our teachers at Mehlville up to high standards. We have a lot of faith in our staff, and to have somebody else, an outside group, bring that individual into our schools was really kind of troubling,” Murphy said. 

News 4 reached out to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. They said Critchlow was hired by Pearson, a contractor with the State Office of Administration. 

They agency further comment, saying they cannot tell an independent contractor who to hire. 

Some people who did speak had varied opinions.

"I don't believe she needs to go to another school district. If she couldn't handle one district, then she doesn't need to go to another,” said Jackie Roth. 

"I think that we should give people a second chance. That's my opinion,” said Ollie Bohnert. 

Murphy said the district is working to make sure someone's held accountable for Critchlow's hiring. 

In a statement, Pearson said:

Because this is a personnel issue, we are only able to confirm that Dianne Critchlow was hired as an independent contractor for a short term assignment. She successfully completed that assignment. As is the case with most employers, Pearson does not provide details about employees or contractors.

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