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'Anybody is at risk' in interstate shootings, MoDOT cameras not equipped to assist

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Two cars exchanged gunfire near the I-44/I-55 split on April 20. Two cars exchanged gunfire near the I-44/I-55 split on April 20.
ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV.com) -

A teenager sustained a gunshot wound after a drive-by shooting on Interstate 70 near the Salisbury exit early Sunday morning.

The 19-year-old man was shot at from a blue Dodge Durango and a white Buick LaSabre by unknown suspects. The Durango was found by law enforcement abandoned near Goodfellow and I-70.

As the sixth so far in 2015 and at least the eleventh interstate shooting in the past year, residents are voicing concerns.

Two women were injured in a drive-by shooting on January first on I-44, when unknown suspects opened fire on their vehicle.

On March 18, two men were found dead after a rolling gun battle, which began on the exit ramp of I-44 at Hampton. Suspects reportedly fled the scene on foot, leaving behind a vehicle believed to be involved in the gun battle, in which police found drugs, guns and money.

The discovery of the drugs in the suspect vehicle implies the gun battle may have been drug-related.

Rolling gun battles like the one that killed two men on March 18 and a random drive-by shooting affecting multiple innocent drivers near the airport on March 25 increase concerns from innocent citizens who regularly drive on interstates in the St. Louis area.

On March 25, a 40 mile cross-county police pursuit ended in St. Ann along I-70 near Lambert Airport after 22-year-old Reginald Adams fired shots at seven cars, hitting two people. Authorities said the shots fired were all random, and drivers were not targeted.

"I can tell you, [if] someone's going to come through our town or any town and randomly shoot at people, we have to stop this guy at any cost," said St. Ann Police Chief Aaron Jimenez after the pursuit and shooting in March.

A child was grazed by a bullet on April 20 while two cars exchanged gunfire near the I-44/I-55 split.

The bullet that grazed the child went through the back window of the car of a witness, who was not involved in the gun battle. Two suspects were apprehended after the shooting.

"When you have a rolling shooting situation, anybody is at risk," Sergeant Al Nothum of the Missouri Highway Patrol said in April. Sgt. Nothum said no one is safe when someone displays that kind of disregard for human life.

A 22-year-old man was shot in the leg during the fifth highway shooting of the year occurred on the night of June first along Interstate 70 near the Grand exit.

When it comes to catching shooters in interstate gun battles or drive-by shootings, News 4 asked MoDOT if their 450 traffic cameras could provide evidence to law enforcement.

"We could never have the level of detail police want," District Traffic Engineer Jeanne Olubogun of MoDOT said in April.

Olubogun added MoDOT cameras are not geared for police work and they do not record any video because the amount of server space needed to do so would be unfeasible.

Sgt. Nothum said anyone who witnesses a shooting a highway can call 911 or *55.

*55 will connect a caller directly with state trooper dispatchers.

The investigation into Monday night's interstate shooting is ongoing.

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