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What is “I Do To Do”?

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By: Claire Kellett, Great Day St. Louis

Welcome to my “I Do To Do” blog!  Get it, my to-do list before I say “I Do”!  I have to be honest with you.  I've never had my own website in which I honestly share my opinions, personal experiences, advice, and on and on (that's what Webster's Dictionary tells me is a blog).  Needless to say, I'm stoked (yes, I just wrote stoked – ha!).  I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I know I'll love writing about my wedding journey.  

So, where do I begin?  Hmmm, let me start with my “better half” Jared.  I know he's going to give me trouble for telling all of you how thoughtful, caring, selfless, successful, and all around wonderful he is.  You see, Jared doesn't like the spotlight.  But, I know he'd be okay with me telling you how he makes each and every day so special for me.  My most special day yet is December 12, 2014.  That's when Jared proposed while we were skiing in Colorado.  Of course, I said YES (and then cried tears of joy for hours, literally).  At one point, he had to remind me to breathe.  Hey, you can't blame a gal who is beyond ecstatic she will be spending the rest of her life with the love of her life.

After weeks of celebrating with family and friends, then came the realization we have to stop just talking about a wedding and actually start planning one.  (dramatic pause)  So, ummm, where do we even start?  No honestly, what do we do first?  At that moment, I felt so overwhelmed.  I'm sure a number of brides and brides-to-be can relate with me on that.  

So, here's my game plan….for the next four-and-a-half months, I'll be taking you on my wedding planning journey, every step of the way.  Lucky for me, Simcha Lourie and Alix-Ann O'Brien of Simcha's Events have graciously agreed to guide me along this adventure.  Trust me, we'll be sharing the good, the bad and everything in between.  My hope is that you learn right along with me and can use what I learn to help you with your wedding, your daughter's wedding, your sister's wedding, or your friend's wedding.  Be sure to tune into Great Day St. Louis every Wednesday morning at 10 for a new “I Do To Do” story.  

The fun starts Wednesday, June 3!  Buckle up everyone, there's no doubt in my mind this is going to be an interesting ride!
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