Vehicle crashes into Golden Corral in O'Fallon, Mo., multiple in -

Vehicle crashes into Golden Corral in O'Fallon, Mo., multiple injuries

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O'FALLON, Mo. (KMOV) -- Eight people rushed to the hospital after an SUV slams into a restaurant building.

This happened at the Golden Corral in O'Fallon just before 11:30 Sunday morning.

"Take the little one out, you know. Just mom and dad and him,” said Nikki Abeln. Abeln said what was supposed to be a special Sunday breakfast with her seven-year-old son soon turned into chaos.

"My husband heard it from behind. So he turned around. He saw it coming also,” she said.

It was an SUV headed straight into the party room section of golden corral.

"My son was sitting next to me, he was a smaller guy and I had my hands on him,” Abeln said.

Abeln and her family were able to quickly get out of the way, but others weren't so lucky.

"There was one lady, she got knocked over by a flying table,” she said.

"We're looking at eight subjects transported for treatment, ranging in age from two years old to 78 years old,” said Lieutenant Jeff Lange of the O'Fallon Police Department.

Lieutenant Lange says seven of those people were in the building. The other was from the SUV.

He said the eight people who sustained minor injuries and are expected to be okay.

The restaurant will be closed for the rest of the day. As for Abeln, she says she's just happy no one was seriously hurt.

"Thank God it stopped when it did,” she said.

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