Recent armed robberies in Soulard concerns police, residents -

Recent armed robberies in Soulard concerns police, residents

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An alarming number of armed robberies in Soulard have residents and leaders looking for solutions.

In less than a week, seven people have come face-to-face with an armed robber.

Early Thursday morning a man was waiting at the stop light at Gravois and Russell when a car rammed into his vehicle. When he got out to check the damage, two men approached him and demanded his property at gunpoint. The two suspects took his phone, wallet and the speakers out of his trunk.

Two nights prior, two armed robberies occurred just feet away at the Jack-in-the-Box drive through. The robber approached the car window and shoved a gun in the faces of four victims. He got away with cash.

“Oh wow, sounds like a chain, maybe the same people are doing it?” said one concerned resident.

Police say they do not believe the robberies at Gravois and Russell are connected but do say they believe two men were working together when they carjacked one man and robbed another on Sunday night.

The carjacking happened at 7th and Lami. The victim was Sam Cummings, a former candidate for 7th Ward alderman. He told police the two suspects both pointed guns at him while they searched his pockets. They then entered his white Ford Escape and took off. Five minutes earlier, police believe one of those men tried to steal another person's car but the panic alarm went off and the suspect fled.

“The number is a bit unusual and the fact that they all involve guns is very troubling,” said Alderman Jack Coatar. “I'm in constant contact with our commanders, with our neighborhood leaders to work on this issue.”

Police have not said if any of these violent criminals were captured on surveillance cameras, but Coatar says more cameras may be on the way.

“Several neighborhoods are looking to purchase cameras. They're in close contact with our police and the real time crime center before making any purchases they want to make sure they've got the right technology that's most effective,” Coatar said.

Police said the Rapid Response team will patrol the neighborhood in an effort to put more officers on the streets of Soulard.

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