Meth lab seizures drop but usage remains high in Jefferson Count -

Meth lab seizures drop but usage remains high in Jefferson County

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( -- Meth lab incidents recorded by the Missouri Highway Patrol show a sharp decline in meth labs in the St. Louis region since 2012. In Jefferson County, where meth lab seizures are typically the highest in the state, methamphetamine incidents have dropped by 41 percent.

Lt. Doc Coombs of the Jefferson County Sheriff's office told News 4 that credit for the decline goes to aggressive enforcement and new city ordinances on the sale of cold medicine.

"With the passage of the ordinances for requiring a prescription for pseudoephedrine has definitely had an effect," Coombs said. But Lt. Coombs said meth usage hasn't declined and meth users are turning to an ample supply of the drug coming into the U.S. from Mexico to feed their habit.

While the risk to the public from fires and explosions caused by meth labs has declined, meth continues to pose a risk to law abiding citizens. According to Lt. Coombs, addicts will steal and rob to get the money they need to feed their drug habit.

"I would probably say ninety-five percent of crime is connected to drugs," said Lt. Coombs.

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