Board approves TNR program for feral cats in Pacific -

Board approves TNR program for feral cats in Pacific

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PACIFIC, Mo. (KMOV) -- The Pacific Board of Aldermen voted 4-2 to allow volunteers to trap, neuter and release feral cats, the Washington Missourian reports. 

Supports of the program say there are hundreds of feral cats in the city. Tracey Quakenbash, executive director of Open Door Animal Sanctuary, said she trapped and neutered 49 cats in one week. Open Door used donated funds to pay for the service.

Quackenbash told the board the feral cat population is at least 400. 

Open Door has already accepted more than $2,500 to trap and neuter cats with the promise of more donations once the TNR program is legal. 

A neutering service in St. Louis has agreed to bring its mobile clinic to Pacific once a week for several weeks. 

The ordinance authorizes a sponsor who has the requisite licenses and insurance to take responsibility for the feral cat population and allows caretakers, registered with animal control, to feed and care. 

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